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Event Level
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The hardest endurance rally in Europe, perhaps the world. Taking place in the depths of the British winter, a journey across the British Isles, from tip to top, and a journey into one’s own mind as competitors battle with cold, rain, snow, the dark, reliability and, the biggest enemy, fatigue.

But this rally keeps competitors coming back for me, a special breed, from all over the world, that return year on year to test themselves against everything that LeJog throws at them. It is a special kind of madness, but the emotions experienced as the dawn light pricks tired eyes on the final morning, and the finish line comes into sight after rallying across 1500 miles in 75 hours is unique and often moves people to tears.

LeJog 2023

Spectator Points

Spectator Points

The Route

Event Schedule

Leg 1

Leg One | 02 December 2023

The start overlooking the rugged Cornish Coastline sees crews straight into the opening Test around Land’s End. The first cars tackle the cliff route in the dark before making their way to the first Regularity, the route will return to the northern area of Cornwall and Devon with some new roads and test venues likely to challenge the crews as they start on this epic journey on through some of the lesser used back roads of Cornwall and mid Devon with a lunch stop enroute.

Fully fuelled we plan to venture into pastures new through some favourite rally roads of yesteryear moving from Devon into Somerset. Heading north we look to include a section on the Somerset before crossing into Wales for the final regularity of the day which concludes in the Abergavenny area.

Leg 2

Leg Two | 02 December 2023

Leg 2 sees crews heading west and deeper into Wales before climbing over the Brecon Beacons and taking in a series of challenging regularities and tests using some of the classic roads historically associated with LeJog and the welsh road rallying homeland.

The action intensifies with the now traditional sting in the tail Time Control section that will keep both crew members on their toes before the overnight stop on the outskirts of Chester.

Leg 3

Leg Three | 03 December 2023

Fully refreshed after a well-earned break, the route will see crews tackle some tests to break up the run up the M6 to north of Preston where the meat of the final leg really gets going. A long regularity across the hills and fells of the area is followed by more tests before a lunch stop in Cumbria.

We are truly in the north at this point but there’s more action to follow as darkness will contrive to increase the challenge of the final regularities before crews arrive for their overnight halt in Newcastle.

Leg 4

Leg Four | 04 December 2023

The long run to JOG starts with the pressure is maintained into a series of tests, route checks and regularities taking us across the border and into Scotland for a late lunch in the Edinburgh area. The day is only half done at this stage and we push further north and on to the more remote roads that the area has to offer for another test and five more regularities before a rest halt at Aviemore.

Crews that competed in 2017 will know how the weather can change in this area and appreciate the unique challenges of competing on LeJog.

Leg 5

Leg Five | 05 December 2023

Returning for 2023, the restart sees crews heading into a ‘Loch Ness Monster’ regularity which will require maximum concentration if medals are to be retained.

Battle will continue as the route heads further north through the final sections before proceedings reach a conclusion, accompanied by the strains of the piper, at the finish line in John O’Groats.

Vehicle Information

  • Only cars built pre-1991 or a model available pre-1991 are eligible to enter
  • The cars will be split into classes based on age and CC
  • The scoring on the Test sections is class-based so you will be scoring against other similar aged vehicles
  • There are no overall positions, crews compete for Gold, Sliver and Bronze Medals and Class Positions
  • Vehicle eligibility is defined in the HERO Standard Regulations
Arrive & Drive Scheme

Need a car?

The Arrive & Drive scheme allows you to compete should your car be unavailable or, if you are looking to purchase a similar model in the future it gives you the chance to get to know your prospective purchase. We have a wide and varied range of vehicles to suit everyone's taste.

Need a car?
LeJog 2022 Event Highlights

Check out the highlights from LeJog 2022

The hardest endurance rally in Europe, perhaps the world. Taking place in the depths of the British winter, a journey across the British Isles, from tip to top, and a journey into one’s own mind as competitors battle with cold, rain, snow, the dark, reliability and, the biggest enemy, fatigue.

Check out the highlights from LeJog 2022

Entry List

Alistair Leckie (GB)Mike Cochrane (GB)1984Saab 900 Turbo 8V1985
Andy Lane (GB)Iain Tullie (GB)1973BMW 2002 tii1990
Carlos Rieder (CH)Urs Schnüriger (CH)1971Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce1962
Chris Dillier (CH)Tony Brooks (GB)1960Jaguar Mk23800
Chris Exelby (GB)Katherine Exelby (GB)1973MGB Roadster1862
Christian Ast (DE)Ian Boge (DE)1978MG B GT1800
Colin Evans (GB)Dan Middle (GB)1965Triumph 20001998
Derek Hunnisett (GB)Alan Pettit (GB)1970Volvo 142S1998
Dr Adam Davis (MY)Richard j Stanier (GB)1968MG B1950
Durrer Hampi (CH)Dillier Beppi (CH)1969Volvo Amazon 1211800
Eric Michiels (LU)Aswin Pyck (BE)1987Porsche 924 S2495
Georg Hanfstaengl (DE)Ulrich Renger (DE)1967Volvo Amazon1800
Hanns-Michael Graf (DE)Michaela Saat (DE)1968Porsche (A&D) 911 SWB1991
Henrik Verspohl (DE)Horst Pokroppa (DE)1957MG A Coupe1500
James Gleeson (GB)Roger Knight (GB)1973Rover P6 3500S3500
James O Mahony (IE)Frank Hussey (IE)1964Volvo 122 S2000
Jayne Wignall (GB)Kevin Savage (GB)1963Alfa Giulia Sprint1570
Jeroen van der Ploeg (NL)Joost Bolwidt (NL)1964Morris Cooper S1295
Jules Tops (NL)Gerard Speksnijder (NL)1972Lancia Fulvia1600
Kevin Haselden (GB)Bart Den Hartog (NL)1970Mini Cooper S1293
Klaus Mueller (DE)Eric Schwab (DE)1965Lancia Fulvia Coupe1298
Les Searle (GB)Dee Searle (GB)1987Peugeot 205GTi1600
Manuel Dubs (CH)Fabrizio Arrigucci (CH)1975Toyota FJ-40 LV-KCW4227
Martin Burhenne (DE)Tim Bosinius (DE)1971Leyland Mini Cooper S MK31300
Mike Farrall (GB)Zach Burns (GB)1974Ford Mexico1600
Nicholas Maris (GR)Henry Carr (GB)1973Datsun 240Z2753
Noel Kelly (GB)Pete Johnson (GB)1966Volvo 122 S1800
Norbert Echle (DE)Gerhard Echle (DE)1990Audi 802000
Paul OKane (IE)Nick Bloxham (GB)1976Porsche Carrera3000
Paul Richards (GB)Nick Cooper (GB)1965Ford Cortina1500
Peter Fletcher (GB)Roger Osborne (GB)1987Peugeot 309 GTi1905
Philip Foster (GB)Tim Ralphs (GB)1983Porsche 9442479
Raymond Van Der Meij (NL)Ruut van Schie (NL)1968Peugeot 204 CC Kakatoe1130
Reiner Seume (DE)Julian Seume (DE)1982Porsche 9442479
Richard White (GB)Bernard Northmore (GB)1963Volvo Amazon 122S1800
Rob Kiff (GB)John Kiff (GB)1958VW Beetle1598
Rod Hanson (GB)Clare grove (GB)1992Vauxhall Nova1200
Stephan Koepple (DE)Naser Rouholamin (FI)1971Alfa Romeo Berlina1948
Stephan R Wolf (DE)Dr.Sven Hanselmann (DE)1981Porsche 9241984
Stewart Christie (GB)Andy Ballantyne (GB)1981MG B GT1798
Ted Gaffney (IE)Paul Bosdet (GB)1983VW Golf GTI1781
Thomas Bricknell (GB)Roger Bricknell (GB)1983VW Golf Gti1800
Thomas Koerner (DE)Rodolfo Pellini (DE)1977BMW 320/41991
Tim Willcocks (GB)Robert Ellis (GB)1966Volvo 122 S1780

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