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Peter Foubister - A tribute from Tomas and Patrick

The sudden and unexpected passing of Peter Foubister will leave a great void in
many people's hearts and lives. Peter Foubister or as his friends like to call him

Peter Foubister - A tribute from Tomas and Patrick

The sudden and unexpected passing of Peter Foubister will leave a great void in many people’s hearts and lives. Peter Foubister or as his friends like to call him “Foubie”. Peter was a rare gentlemen and an inspiration to many. He was a man that would ensure that others, rather than him, took credit for those successes he was instrumental in getting or at times, the one taking the blame for issues he did not cause. Always enthusiastic, always willing to help, always working relentlessly to keep motoring and motor sport alive. In doing so Peter’s influence has touched us all.

I (Tomas) met Peter a few years ago when looking to engage with the Royal Automobile Club to run the 1000 Mile Trial. We hadn’t met before, but of course it was no secret that Peter was one of the most respected individuals amongst motor sport enthusiasts. Needless to say it was an honour for me personally and for HERO to be able to run ideas past him to see how to deliver this historic event in more modern times. As with all things the clock was ticking and we needed to get Peter comfortable with the format of regularities. So, in order to refresh Peter’s knowledge of regularity rallying, I invited him to take part with me on the 25th anniversary of the Classic Marathon. The choice of car fell on the little 1969 Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato 1.3S which of course we loved immediately. It soon became the topic of discussion commentingon its rallying pedigree with Sandro Munari’s victories with the Club Italia Lancia’s and the car’s exploits at the Targa Florio…

We set off for this epic adventure which was going to take us from London to Cortina in just over five days. Peter’s knowledge of rallying was superb of course, but, as he put it, “writing and knowing about it is a very different thing to reading Tulips and maps, fiddling with clocks and timers, and getting it right!” The outcome was that we got on like a house on fire! Every link section was an opportunity to discuss every topic possible in motor sport history, ranging from Formula 1 to Group B cars and all that lies in between. His knowledge was unmeasurable after all those years being in the thick of it all with all the people and characters that created motor sport the way we know it. As expected he had played his skills down but in truth he navigated remarkably well, despite getting lost on a couple of occasionsfor calling out the names of French and Italian villages on route with a distinctive Scottish accent leaving me, the driver, with the challenging task of deciphering the command! Incredibly we took 2nd in Class… but more importantly our friendship had been forged.

Peter was instrumental in helping HERO and in particular with our relationship with the Royal Automobile Club. He worked behind the scenes promoting us within the club and the motoring committee. His hard work and desire to get things done, his problem solving approach allowed us to run the Royal Automobile Club 1000 Mile Trial and make into a superb success, just as he wanted it to be. His efforts were aimed at the Club’s history, HERO, the participants and motor sport more generally. The event was recognised internationally winning two years in a row the award for best rally or tour at the International Historic Motoring Awards and the 2015 FIA Heritage trophy. Peter’s drive and passion allowed us to strengthen our ties with the Club, and after a couple years and many meetings later, with the added support of others in the Club and beyond, we were able to revive the RAC Rally of the Tests and make another contribution to motors port history and keep the Club’s heritage intact.

On Thursday we were attending this year’s International Historic Motoring Awards as the Royal Automobile Club 1000 Mile Trial had been short listed for best event for a third consecutive year. Naturally Peter, Patrick and myself and everybody at the table awaited nervously for the category in which we were nominated to be awarded with this year’s winner. The prestigious award was awarded to the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run! Naturally, Peter had been instrumental with that event as well and quite rightly so, he was asked to represent the Club in taking the Award. On stage he delighted us with a few words and his a huge smile, he never forgot to thank everybody else who contributed to the success, minimising once again his own role… As he held the trophy safely and proudly he was visibly touched by the recognition and warmth he got from all those attending the award ceremony. Typical”Foubie” returned to our table and jokingly apologised to HERO for having prevented the Royal Automobile Club 1000 mile trial for winning this year’s award again.

What a great man he was and what a superb legacy he leaves behind – definitely someone to look up to.

On behalf of HERO and all of our friends and motor sport enthusiasts, we wanted to thank Peter once again for his support, generosity, enthusiasm, spirit and character and for me (Tomas) personally and most importantly, the friendship showed us all. Our thoughts and condolences go to his wife Marion and his two children Gemma and Rory.

You will be missed by many Peter, but forgotten by none.

Thank you for all that you have done and for your friendship.

Tomas & Patrick

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