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Our mission is to provide a one stop shop platform for historic motoring that is friendly, professional and delivers real value. Together with our Members and Partners, we continue to build on our past efforts with the same shared enthusiasm and passion.

HERO-ERA is the result of the merging of three pioneering rally organisations, each with a rich pedigree:

  • The Historic Endurance Rally Organisation
  • The Classic Rally Association
  • The Endurance Rally Association

Where did it all start? When Tomas de Vargas Machuca, HERO-ERA Chairman, finally had the opportunity to take part in the 2008 LeJog after wanting to compete for a number of years. He immediately approached the organisers at the finish to ask about who owned the rally, offered some ideas, and asked what he could do to help. Although offered a role as a Marshal he felt he could do more. Fast forward a few months and an agreement was in place to help HERO develop and bring some focus to improving and enhancing the whole rally experience.  In 2009, an offer to buy the intellectual property led to the set-up of a new company with restructured operations under the stewardship of Tomas and Patrick Burke, HERO-ERA Managing Director.

In 2013, the Classic Rally Association merged with HERO to create more scale and a bigger pool of events to offer to those interested in taking part.

In 2018, the Endurance Rally Association was added to the ever-expanding portfolio to offer long distance adventure endurance rallies such as Lima to Cape Horn, the Sahara Challenge, the Peking to Paris to name but a few.

Over the last 15 years HERO-ERA has developed a strong and dedicated membership base, charity initiatives, the 'Arrive & Drive' classic fleet hire programs, interactive training programs, bespoke corporate or themed events, and a diversified selection of events for all expertise, ranging from a one-day beginner event to a week-long or month-long events around the world – all meticulously colour coded for difficulty level to ensure the best experience. In addition, HERO-ERA offers carbon-offsetting to its members and other activities connected in the wider world of motoring.

True to the pioneering spirit of both Philip Young and John Brown (who were the inventors of everything we enjoy today in terms of competitive and long-distance historic rallying), HERO-ERA is today a platform dedicated to all things classic. We are committed to nurturing and building on this position, and we strive in all we do to remain true to our motto:

Built by enthusiasts - for enthusiasts.

Meet the HERO-ERA Team

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