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Mini, The Fans Favourite Classic

Last week across our social media platforms we asked you, our fans, to identify your favourite swinging sixties icon from a selection of 10 different cars. It will come as no real surprise that the Mini won in a landslide victory.

Mini, The Fans Favourite Classic

They Said It Would Never Sell

The Mini is not just the ‘Best of British’ it is a part of UK culture. It was voted the second most influential car of the 20th century just behind the Model T Ford! The Sir Alec Issigonis design classic with it’s transverse engine and front wheel drive left 80% of the floor pan space for passengers and luggage.

The car was famous in all it’s guises from wood sided Traveller to posh Radford conversion driven by Peter Sellers, but the Mini Cooper S was the car that took all the prizes. An initial collaboration between Issigonis and John Cooper’s GP racing company, the little lion with the big heart became a giant killer taking the biggest motor sport scalps. Winning major races and rallies around the world, the Mini packed a big punch that can still hurt the opposition today.

Photos by Blue Passion

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