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HERO Virtual Table Top Rally Back By Popular Demand

HERO-ERA have received so many complimentary communications with requests to continue that their Virtual Table Top Rally Championship that it will now extend to Round Two! Starting on Monday 18th May for a month, the popular way of chipping off navigational rust returns to test your abilities on the maps. It will restart with relatively easy challenges becoming more tricky over the four weekly events, but will still be achievable. The plots will thicken but don’t be discouraged, winners announced each week will go into the hat for the big HVTTR championship draw at the end of the month and every entry will be placed into the StarterMotor prize draw. The champion(s) will be announced on 15th June and receive their prize(s) in the post.

HERO Virtual Table Top Rally Back By Popular Demand

StarterMotor ‘Apprentice Lifeline’ Campaign To Benefit639 players from around the world, from Australia to Canada, helped raise £13,256 to go directly to the NHS to help fight COVID-19. In Round Two, entry fees will go towards the Hero StarterMotor campaign to help place and support young apprentices in the world of historic motoring. Hero ERA recognise the importance of nurturing and protecting the young lifeblood of the industry and are proud to be working alongside StarterMotor to assist with this vital cause.

Competitors can enter all four weeks or separate weeks for a single £20 fee, but entering for the four weeks will allow players seven days to work out their answer and send it in. The Hero Virtual Table Top Rally has not just proved great fun, it has been addictive for some players and certainly provides perfect practice for navigators who may be competing on Hero Challenges, RAC Rally of the Tests or Le Jog later this year.

As evidenced by samples of the many emails that have been flowing in to Seren Whyte the HVTTR Championship Coordinator, please see the comments below and then please consider registering via the links beneath the comments. You will get hooked!

Dear Seren & Hero Events Team, Many thanks for the Virtual Table Top Rally Week 5, as ever, very much appreciate all the hard work you are putting into this. Real shame next week is the last week, are you sure we can’t tempt you into doing more?  Thanks again for everything. All the best, Gordon Blunkett

Dear Seren, Thank you for another week of fun!! Unfortunately next week will already be the last one. We are going to miss your VTT!!! Can't you extend it?? Stay healthy!  Best Regards, Thomas and Marion

Ta Seren, enjoying it immensely! Iain

I wanted to apologise because I have been busy managing my business through C19 and (for the last two weeks) working through all 5 x virtual rally instructions on Sunday evenings - when my brain has switched off, but thank you for getting me back into road navigation events. Hopefully we will all get back on the roads soon. Best wishes, Ken 

You have a brilliant mind to be coming up with this and I love the huge pot of money that has been raised for charity.  It is tough but we are really enjoying coming home from work and plotting it in the evenings.  You are amazing to be coming up with something different each day.  I am very impressed.   Seren, I have been printing it out twice and myself and Ted compete against each other and then see how we did.  Between us we come up with a final answer which I send to you.   So I have donated 50 euro to a charity here in the village which looks after vulnerable people because Ted didn’t sign up with you. Kindest regards to you all and hope you are all keeping well, Karen

Thanks Seren, and thanks for your continued efforts in putting this together.  I’ve really enjoyed the challenge so far but I’m beginning to stress over what to do at 10:00 every morning in two weeks’ time. Thanks again, stay safe & best regards, Nigel Walker

Hello, Very many thanks for the table top rallies, they have all been first class. I've loved the virtual scattering around the country, and was delighted to find my local area was Day 2 this week. I only regret that I wasn't aware of the event in good time, so missed the first three. However, it has prompted me to scour ebay classics for the right car! Very best wishes, Rob Blake

Thank you so much for all your hard and incredibly accurate work. We are only amateur "second half of the field" rallyists but we have learned so much from your brain teasers that first half placings beckon when normality returns. You have been a brilliant credit to Hero and ERA and the whole table top rally has polished their already excellent reputation amongst the old car fraternity. Enjoy a break and give your eyes a rest from poring over OS maps. With grateful thanks and roll on Flying Scotsman 2021. Regards, Martin and Hilary Bryant

Amongst the notable players was former works Citroen co driver Rick Smith, a previous Chairman of Southern Car Club who along with his team ran the best stage rally in the South, Rallye Sunseeker, which at one point was the opening round of the British Rally Championship. Rick and his team at SCC now run the famous Goodwood Forest Rally Stage at the Festival of Speed, the stage designed by Hannu Mikkola. Rick said of the HVTTR; “ I loved it, great fun!”

Peter and Lynn Nedin really enjoyed the VTTR, Peter genuinely chipping off the rust! Peter Nedin ran Hero in the earlier years but he is famous for organising no less than ten gruelling Le Jog events.

The six weeks of Table Top Rallying have been fun and challenging. Thanks for all your hard work. I know how much time it takes to plan and check this sort of event. From my point of view it sharpened up my skills. which were getting rusty. Regards, Peter Nedin

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