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HERO-ERA Virtual Table Top Rally Championship ‘Sting in the Tail’ leading to finale

The creators and organisers of the popular HERO-ERA Virtual Table Top Rally Championship, Elise and Seren Whyte, have declared that this final week of the current contest has been ramped up to create ‘a sting in the tail’! Both experienced and successful in international regularity rallying as navigator and driver respectively, the duo have been overwhelmed by the 300 responses from the 330 participants for this series.

HERO-ERA Virtual Table Top Rally Championship ‘Sting in the Tail’ leading to finale
300 responses from 330 players represents the biggest reaction yet!

Seren Whyte; “This is the biggest number of responses to the instructions we have had from players in any series so far, it has been quite overwhelming but at the same time very satisfying. It has been challenging too, there was an epic herringbone navigational challenge with an A4 page full of instructions that really tested the players, we had some interesting responses over that one! Some people really dislike herringbones but I love them! ”

Competitors are into the final successful week of the HERO-ERA Virtual Table Top Rally Championship. This is the last week of the current competition which will finish this Sunday just before midnight when the final answers have to be in. Individuals and teams who have taken part each week and submitted the right answers will be taking part in the bonus round which will decide the champion and the final podium places for the HERO-ERA Virtual Table Top Rally Championship January 2021.

But before any awards are announced, players must use all their skills to find the vital answers through navigation in the final week, which is providing quite a sting in the tail as Elise Whyte said; “ The level of challenge has definitely taken a step up this week, it will be more difficult but at the same time the VTTR will continue to also be a great training exercise.”

Seren Whyte explained how the final series champion emerges; “There have been winners every week but only next Monday will we know who are the overall winners once the participants with all the correct answers so far are allowed to tackle the bonus challenge. The results will be tallied and the overall champion and other podium places will be announced next Monday 1st February.

“This series has definitely seen a very varied set of contestants, one gentleman’s daughter has even been competing as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award! It has been another successful Virtual Table Top Rally Championship which really made my January go much quicker!!”

“Well Girls, you certainly put a tremendous amount of work into today’s fishy tail, well done, all I can say is, '248 it’s you two that we appreciate'. There was a song with a 6 in it as well, but that didn’t fit the answer, Dad would remember it. Well done keep it going. Kind regards, Roger.”

“Thanks for all your excellent work over the past months  - you are still the  Lockdown Saviours . Kind regards,  Stephen Hall.”

“Hi Guys, Once again many thanks for providing some welcome rally related diversions during lockdown. Thanks, Nuala”

“Hello - thanks for last week’s. It is actually being done by my daughter for her Duke of Edinburgh Award skill - and she was thrilled to have sorted last weeks. Photo attached. Great fun and much appreciated. I have done very little which is pretty good for a 14 year old with no experience! Thanks, G”


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