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Scottish Malts on the Move as HERO-ERA Completes Calendar Revamp

With the possible lifting of restrictions and the return of organised ‘Permitted’ motor sport in the coming months, HERO-ERA have thoroughly analysed as many factors as possible to enable them to revamp their calendar of events with safety being paramount. With the aim of running COVID safe events in accordance with government regulations and Motorsport UK guidance in 2021, as they did in 2020, HERO-ERA have produced a revised schedule of events based on the latest current information in all relevant areas. The organisation intends to be ready to run safe events again just as soon as national, regional and international restrictions allow, to the high standards competitors have become accustomed to.

Scottish Malts on the Move as HERO-ERA Completes Calendar Revamp
Event changes based on estimated safety with competitors offered a choice of optionsIn consultation with Motorsport UK, whilst assessing current government COVID recovery progress, HERO-ERA management teams have been tirelessly adapting routes, securing venues and ensuring hospitality locations are able to operate facilities according to the guidelines and standards set by HERO-ERA.

To summarise, Per Ardua Ad Infinitum, Winter Challenge to Monte Carlo and the Flying Scotsman will all rerun in 2022 whilst the sought after Scottish Malts has been moved to later this year on September 13-17th. The Temple Rally will now be run in 2023.

 The reconfirmed dates are all in the list below, bar Hero Challenge One (HC1*) which could be subject to change again depending on UK COVID recovery progress.

HERO Challenge One, A Novice Trial and the Scottish Malts, are all moving to later in the year.

The Sahara Challenge, HERO Challenge Three, Lima to Cape Horn, The RAC Rally of the Tests and Le Jog currently remain unchanged on the 2021 calendar of events.

As a result of direct electronic contact with entrants via each event affected by the changes, offers of options from full refunds to rolling funds over have been made. HERO-ERA’s Hospitality Director Eleonora Piccolo has been encouraged by the response of crews to date. After considering the options available to them, many have reacted favourably to the new calendar.

Eleonora; “All competing crews have been very understanding of the necessary postponement of events and although a full refund offer was possible (for most events), only a few competitors have taken this option, with the great majority selecting an event later in the year or deciding to roll their entry onto the same rally in 2022. In the case of the Flying Scotsman for example, 78% of the crews have asked to reserve their April 2022 entry already!

“We are extremely grateful for the support our competitors have been showing us since the start of the restrictions almost a year ago, which have impacted our rally calendar.”

HERO-ERA Competition Director Guy Woodcock and his team have been constantly analysing and assessing the future running of rally events relative to government and medical progress to combat the pandemic in the UK and beyond, in order to make calendar revisions.

Guy; “Working with my Competition Team and looking at the potential easing of restrictions, we are aiming to confirm a May date for the first rally of 2021, the HERO Challenge One based in the Peak district. This will represent the start of what we hope will be a full calendar of events for the remaining seven months of 2021.

“We had no option with events such as The Flying Scotsman, or moving the Scottish Malts as we had to postpone or cancel rallies once we were unable to conduct final recces. Venues remaining closed meant we were not able to deliver events to the high HERO-ERA standard. However, we remain positive that The Scottish Malts will be able to go ahead on the revised date in September.

“We all hope that we will be back in full rally mode later in the year which is something for us all to really look forward to in the UK. In respect of the overseas events, whilst we were disappointed to cancel the Temple Rally, we remain committed to the rest of the events. The team are working hard to deliver those rallies but remain ever mindful of the situations in those countries we are planning to visit.”


HERO-ERA Revised calendar 2021

HERO Challenge One | Peak District | 9 May * tbc, subject to restrictions

A Novice Trial | Bicester | 21 - 23 May

Summer Trial | Telford | 4 - 6 June

HERO Challenge Two | Yorkshire | 26 June

Classic Marathon | Spain and Northern Portugal | 4 - 9 July

Scottish Malts | 13-17 Sept

Sahara Challenge | Spain and Morocco | 20 Sept - 1 Oct

HERO Challenge Three | Bicester | 25 Sept

Lima to Cape Horn | 31 Oct - 28 Nov

RAC Rally of the Tests | 4 - 7 Nov

Le Jog | 4 - 7 Dec 


Per Ardua Ad Infinitum S.W. | Taunton | 7 - 8 Jan

Winter Challenge to Monte Carlo | 6 - 10 Feb

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