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A Novice Trial opens at Bicester

Many crews new to the sport of regularity rallying made their way through the wind and rain on Friday afternoon to be welcomed by HERO-ERA staff into the showroom at the new HQ for the first part of A Novice Trial.

A Novice Trial opens at Bicester
New HERO-ERA HQ Building at Bicester Heritage Hosts First SeminarThe wonderful space of the showroom that normally houses the HERO-ERA Arrive and Drive fleet was converted into a well equipped classroom as Event Manager Seren Whyte with consultant navigator Elise Whyte, took the eager crews through the basics of navigation and time keeping. The 40 plus crews were hanging on every word of instruction in preparation for a full day of classroom theory and practical navigation out on the Novice Trial route on Saturday. Then the teams can really start to try and put into practice what they have learned in the seminars so far.

Harry Baines, navigator car 10, 1964 Mini Cooper S.

”Yes it was good, all of it was very useful, but there a couple of bits that I want to ask more questions about though, this is my first time!”

Martyn Reeves, driver car 18, 1967 MG CGT

Martyn was part of a group huddled around a desk pondering some road diagrams, seemingly discussing issues from the class that had just ended.  “I understood most of it, I think! I have done a few bits and bobs before.” When asked what the route instructions were drawn on the back of the large envelope that everyone was studying, Martyn replied; “That’s just for finding the pub where we’re all staying in tonight, which is more complicated than the rally!”

Tony Rowe and Robin Carter, driver and navigator car 2, 1939 Ford Coupe 91A.

Robin; “It went right over my head, I had no real idea what was going on!”

Sharon and Alan Mills, navigator and driver, car 40. 1976 MG BGT.

Alan; “We were a bit far back, and there is a bit of background noise, sometimes the second screen went blank but I am going to go through everything again tonight.” Sharon; “We spoke to one of the helpful ladies who said we will either move a bit closer or they may get microphones, we don’t want to miss anything but I’m sure it will be fine tomorrow.”

Will Pembroke and John Bullough, driver and navigator car 45, Porsche 911.

Will; “There was a lot to take in but we will mull it over tonight, we will get stuck in, it will make sense once we start doing it. We don’t have a timer, we are just going to use the App, it’s my wife’s car and I don’t think she wanted me to mount a timer by drilling holes in her lovely dashboard!”

John; “My issue is around the regularity and the average speed, I am just trying to get my head around it, I’ve got the navigation side OK but I don’t really understand the average speed yet.”

Vehicle checks and documentation of the cars will start at 8.00am on Saturday morning at the HERO-ERA HQ at Bicester Heritage before a mix of more classroom and some road sessions takes the newbies through their first full day of discovery.



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