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Badawï Trail to the Last Oasis – Reflective Thanks

Badawï Trail to the Last Oasis – Reflective Thanks

The ground breaking 7500 kms, 17 day Badawi Trail to the Last Oasis was an example of international cooperation and camaraderie in the face of geo-political tensions. A sporting event that was allowed to transcend politics and so take an Historic Rally comprising 19 different nationalities and 90 people through four countries on its Trans-Arabian route.

It was a competitive adventure that was warmly received as the 45 rally cars and 11 support vehicles made their way across the peninsula, and in particular, The Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time ever, as the Historic Rally was allowed to cross the Kingdom (other than older Dakar cars) and were even invited to drive a couple of laps of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix track at Jeddah, the Jeddah Corniche Circuit.

The rally experienced great kindness and generosity from the different peoples on their journey, whilst in turn the spectacle brought to the regions during the event was appreciated by all. Without the cooperation of all the countries involved, the Badawi Trail to the Last Oasis wouldn’t have happened. As it stands now, there will be another version in the near future.

HERO-ERO thanks the following for their help, friendship and kind contributions;

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

The Royal Automobile Club of Jordan

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation

The Saudi Motorsport Company

The United Arab Emirates

Emirates Motorsport Organisation

The Sultanate of Oman

Oman Automobile Association

All the Competitors

All the Officials and Marshals

All the Competition staff, in particular Guy Woodcock and John Spiller

All the Hospitality Staff lead by Ele Piccolo

All the Mechanical Assistance Crews

All the Media Team, Will Broadhead Photography, Blue Passion Photography, Drive TV

All the Medical Team

That’s just some of the key people to thank, but to sum up the rally, a poem has emanated from the Middle East, in fact, from Dubai:

In the heart of the desert, where echoes softly wail,

Vintage cars roar, on the Badawï Trail,

In twenty twenty-three, under the sun’s fierce light,

They race through time, in the golden night.


Engines like thunder, they fiercely ride,

On ancient sands, where legends hide,

Metallic beasts, with souls aflame,

Chasing dreams, they play the game.


Through dunes they glide, with a classic grace,

In this timeless, exhilarating race,

A symphony of history, in every mile,

On the Badawï Trail, in vintage style.


Each curve, each turn, a dance of yore,

These cars, like gems, from days before,

In the desert’s embrace, they find their fame,

Racing on, in the Badawï’s name.


Under the moon, they leave a trail,

Stories of passion, in every gale,

Vintage cars racing, in the desert’s spree,

On the Badawï Trail, wild and free.

♦ Poem by Keith ‘Mutchie’ Mutch

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