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London to Dakar


Have you seen Land Rover Monthly (silver pick up on a blue cover doing a wheelie), also mentioned on the cover of the July Edition is the last World Cup Rally…. inside are three pages of action from our last epic, with pictures of Sheila Wright, Richard Walker, Ken Lugg, David Palmer having fun in the Sahara…. why are they coming to Dakar? Get a copy of the magazine to see how these 4×4 enthusiasts enjoy the the World Cup Rally.

ALSO: – In the May 2004 edition of Land Rover Owner International you can and read about David & Jacqui Palmer’s adventures in Tunisia with their Land Rover Defender last year.

The Route

This is 20 days of driving into the great unknown. We drive away cheered on by Lord Nelson who still bears the reminder of having received a poke in the eye from the French, to drive down to Parliament Square and onto the Dover Road. We drive France and Spain as a touring route – Africa is plenty tough enough without us manufacturing anything artificial before we cross to Tangiers.

In Morocco, we drive some of the routes of the early Dakars. Into Mauritania, we are now in the most empty and least populated country in the whole of Africa. It’s vast – bigger than France and Spain put together, the total population is less than Bristol. Enthusiastic children will cheer you on your way but don’t expect big crowds – this country has never seen a crowd. We camp for two nights out in the Sahara, the stars are so vividly clear you could pluck them, and meteorites and even satellites can be seen clearly through tired eyes.

It’s man and machine up against the elements – we are not seeking out in-land routes with giant sand-dunes as “stoppers” – it’s just practical for a well-prepared two-wheel drive Historic car driven with care and determination, but will be an enormous and memorable challenge.

This will appeal to those who can swap the rut of normal living for the ruts of the greatest wilderness on earth, and join in the camaraderie of taking on a marathon drive with other like-minded enthusiasts.

The route will include a number of difficult roads, and good ground clearance (you can never have enough of that commodity), and careful preparation will be essential ingredients for success.

Entrants should accept that this is not intended as a gentle tour and cannot be without risks, careful research of the countries and the route is strongly advised (some of the backpackers paperback books, such as the Lonely Planet book of Mauritania, make for interesting background reading).

Day No.DateDayRoute
Day 1Jan 9SunLondon to France
Day 2Jan 10MonFrance to Spain
Day 3Jan 11TuesSpain to Tangiers
Day 4Jan 12WedsTangiers to Fes
Day 5Jan 13ThursFes to Midelt
Day 6Jan 14FrMidelt to Erfoud
Day 7Jan 15SatErfoud to Zagora
Day 8Jan 16SunZagora to Ouarzazate
Day 9Jan 17MonOuarzazate to Marrakech
Day 10Jan 18TuesMarrakech Rest Day
Day 11Jan 19WedsMarrakech to Agadir
Day 12Jan 20ThursAgadir to Laayoune
Day 13Jan 21FriLaayoune to Dakhla
Day 14Jan 22SatDakhla to Nouadhibou
Day 15Jan 23SunNouadhibou to Cap Tafarit (Camp)
Day 16Jan 24MonCap Tafarit (Camp) to Nouakchott
Day 17Jan 25TuesNouakchott Rest Day
Day 18Jan 26WedsNouakchott to St Louis
Day 19Jan 27ThursSt Louis to Dakar
Day 4 – Tanger to Fes Day 6 – Fes to Midelt Day 7 – Midelt to Erfoud Day 7 – Erfoud to Zagora Day 8 – Zagora to Ouarzazate Day 9 & 10 – Ouarzarzate to Marrakech Day 11 - Marrakesh to Agadir Day 12 - Agadir to Laayoune Day 13 – Laayoune to Dakhla Day 14 - Dakhla to Nouadhibou Day 15 Nouadhibou to Cap Tafarit (Desert Camp) ……The big day. Day 16 Cap Tafarit to Nouakchott Day 18 – Nouakchott to St. Louis Day 19 – The Final Day – St Louis to Dakar finish

Rally Reports

Overall Results

NumCrewYear – CarPensO/ACatPos
World Cup Hatchbacks to 1400cc
3Alastair Caldwell(GB) / Brian Johnson(GB)1982 – Peugeot 205 Rallye8:17:3311 /c1
10Adrian Grinsted(GB) / Nick Mason(GB)2000 – Rover 214i10:14:03122 /c1
2Andrew Actman(GB) / Catriona Rings(GB)2000 – Daihatsu Sirion10:41:38163 /c1
7Robert Belcher(GB) / Jeremy Buckler(GB)2001 – Volkswagen Polo10:58:25194 /c1
6Felix Wright(GB) / John Hall(GB)2000 – Ford Focus12:24:26205 /c1
1Nicky Porter(GB) / Malcolm Sinclair(GB)2000 – Mitsubishi Spacestar12:45:03246 /c1
17John Elphick(GB) / John Banks(GB)2001 – Mazda 323 LXI15:34:50307 /c1
5Stephen Cooper(GB) / Aggie Foster(GB)1998 – Peugeot 20515:39:45318 /c1
8Kevin Anderson(GB) / Paul Emmerson(GB)1996 – Peugeot 106 Rallye16:08:29329 /c1
4Paul Merryweather(GB) / Sandra Merryweather(GB)2000 – MG ZR16:25:523410 /c1
14Reena Pastakia(GB) / Steve Rutherford(GB)2000 – Volkswagen Polo18:38:403611 /c1
18Sue Howell(GB) / Molly Falcon(GB)1997 – Peugeot 106 XR20:54:293912 /c1
16Roger Stevens(GB) / Michael Stevens(GB)2002 – Seat Ibiza23:39:014313 /c1
11Jim Smith(GB) / Peter Stone(GB)1997 – Vauxhall Astra SportRetired~
4 x 4 Vehicles
43Richard Hayward(GB) / Kane Athay(GB)2002 – Landrover Defender 1108:24:2821 /c2
41Dominic Manser(GB) / Jeremy Davies(GB)1997 – Jeep Wrangler8:32:2132 /c2
19David Palmer(GB) / Jaqueline Palmer(GB)1997 – Landrover Defender 908:34:0543 /c2
42Tim Wheatley(GB) / Tony Leach(GB)1995 – Landrover Discovery8:44:3954 /c2
23Martin Collins(GB) / Mark Potter(GB)1996 – Nissan Patrol8:49:2165 /c2
35Anna McColl(GB) / Paul Clark(GB)2000 – Landrover Defender 909:01:0076 /c2
28Mike Thornton(GB) / Jeffrey Bechtel(USA)2002 – Toyota Landcruiser9:50:3797 /c2
32Paul Unwin(GB) / Diane Unwin(NZ)1998 – Landrover Discovery10:17:29138 /c2
37Michael Snaith(GB) / Brian Sunderland(GB)1993 – Jeep Cherokee10:29:32149 /c2
27Geoffrey Johnston(N) / Elisabeth Johnston(N)1998 – Landrover 11010:34:271510 /c2
29Phil Collins(GB) / Lee Collins(GB)1997 – Landrover 11010:48:091711 /c2
20David Williams(GB) / Keith Whyman(GB)2002 – Dodge Ram 150010:51:261812 /c2
24Colin McGuire(GB) / David Ashcroft(GB)1998 – Landrover Discovery12:29:392113 /c2
36Mark Dinoulis(GB) / Vaida Zabarauskaite(LT)1996 – Nissan Patrol12:38:512214 /c2
21Richard Taylor(USA) / Larry Davis(USA)1999 – Isuzu Vehicross12:40:092315 /c2
33Jason Heron(GB) / Iain Colwell(GB)1988 – Toyota Hilux12:58:482516 /c2
38Greg Macleod(GB) / Daniel Butler(GB)1996 – Landrover Defender 9013:23:392617 /c2
22Tony Tak(GB) / Mick Malhotra(GB)1991 – Toyota Hilux13:30:142718 /c2
31Paul Carter(GB) / Sarabel Barquillo(E)1995 – Landrover Defender 9016:18:443319 /c2
30Lyndon Swann(GB) / David Nadin(GB)1972 – Landrover 109 Truck17:28:433520 /c2
26Tim James(GB) / Gary Salter(GB)1993 – Landrover Discovery19:07:353721 /c2
25Colin Metcalfe(GB) / Mark Billinghurst(GB)1972 – Landrover 109 Safari21:06:084022 /c2
39Jerry Meek(GB) / Margaret Meek(GB)2004 – Landrover Discovery23:34:054123 /c2
World Cup Classic Cars
50Iain Freestone(GB) / Rod Maclean(GB)1969 – Ford Escort Mk19:08:2381 /c3
51Paul Kane(GB) / Mary Ellen Kane(GB)1966 – Ford GT-3509:52:45102 /c3
52Angus Stamper(GB) / Mark I’Anson(GB)1972 – Ford Escort Mk110:01:59113 /c3
54Simon Chance(GB) / Liz Chance(GB)1974 – Citroen 2CV614:51:22284 /c3
55Klaus Von Deylen(D) / Maja Von Deylen(D)1985 – Volkswagen Beetle15:25:46295 /c3
56Allison Cotes(GB) / Peter Cotes(GB)1967 – Lotus Elan S220:19:04386 /c3
57Tony Manos(GB) / Chris Prudden(GB)1969 – Morris Minor23:36:30427 /c3
53Mark Munne(NL) / Ben Munne(NL)1973 – BMW 2002 T1124:00:26448 /c3

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