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HERO Virtual Table Top Championship

Six Weeks of Plotting

Congratulations to all of the crews that took part and completed The First HERO Virtual Table Top Championship

The winners of each week were chosen by a random number generator

Week 1 - 1st Sally Woof, 2nd Richard Lomax, 3rd Martin Pitt

Week 2 - 1st James Darwent, 2nd Martin Shaw, 3rd Andy Simpson

Week 3 - 1st Ernie Waldron, 2nd Stephen Hall, 3rd Matt Powell

Week 4 - 1st Richard Athow, 2nd John Youd, 3rd Bob Blows

Week 5 - 1st Miguel Angel Valle, 2nd Andrew Walmsley, 3rd Rick Smith

Week 6 - 1st Dave Price, 2nd Richard Smith, 3rd Rene Lenck

202 Competitors Successfully Completed All Six Weeks Of the HERO Virtual Table Top Championship

Overall Championship Winners - 1st Andrew Neate, 2nd Michael Rands, 3rd Anthony Brook - Brooks

In aid of the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal

Total Raised So Far: £13,256

Last updated 11.05.2020

Total Paid to appeal so far: £10,000

Last updated 09.04.2020


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