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HERO Virtual Table Top Championship Supporting StarterMotor

Four Weeks of Plotting

Congratulations to all of the crews that took part and completed The HERO Virtual Table Top Championship Supporting StarterMotor

The winners of each week were chosen by a random number generator

Week A - 1st Jaap Jongman, 2nd Paul Heaney, 3rd Paul Glover

Week B - 1st Steve Darvell, 2nd James Portway, 3rd Mark Tolhurst

Week C - 1st Roger Smith, 2nd Pat Northmore, 3rd Paul Megretton

Week D - 1st Olaf Nattenberg, 2nd Micheal Jackson, 3rd David Walmsley

Overall Championship Winners - 1st David Rowley, 2nd Christopher Wilks, 3rd Najib Nakad


The Hero Virtual Table Top Rally Championship, still setting challenges and keeping navigators and drivers on their virtual toes

 The international historic rally and motoring community continue to enjoy the challenges set by Seren and Elise Whyte in the Hero Virtual Table Top Rally Championship. Following the clamour by participants for a second series after the first six-week competition left people asking for more, the second edition is now into its fourth week and seems to bringing challenge, headache and enjoyment in equal measure.

As you can see from some of the rallyists reactions, there is genuine appreciation for the level of competition and learning but also thanks and an understanding how much work goes into creating such successful map plotting challenges that help people to learn or brush up on skills at the same time. You will even see some comments from plotters who don’t go rallying but love the VTTRC and are thinking about taking up the sport.

As a parallel story it is gratifying for everyone at Hero ERA to be able to report that through your efforts £13, 256 has been raised both for the NHS Covid-19 rapid response fund and some latterly for the charity StarterMotor which helps find, place and help apprentices in the historic motoring world, some of whom have lost their jobs or placements through the contagion. They are the future lifeblood of the industry so as the grip of the disease eases, we are turning our attention to our own industry. We thank you all for your continued help and support.

Some will be distraught in the knowledge that we are nearing the end of series two VTTRC, but for those who are learning and some who want to chip off the navigational rust, there is the the Hero Training Academy and the brilliant training webinars run by the patient and rally experienced Whyte sisters. With sessions via Zoom and a host of options, you can transfer your lust for learning to the HTA!

Please enjoy a selection of some of the quotes from happy participants so far in the Hero Virtual Table Top Rally Championship - 

I just cannot imagine the time and effort you have all put in to coming up with these brilliant VTTs.  Really sneaky using Wales to come up with unfamiliar words for the wordsearch made the word search extra challenging but then I assume that was the idea.  Still, I have come up with an answer for week C aided by a couple of glasses of guiness as a result of which it may not be quite coherent:  Golden roamer Championship.

My stroke therapist is most impressed with your challenges - bet you never thought they would be of medical benefit, did you? Thanks a million, Pierre Miles

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and Elise for the work you have been putting into these tests for us plotting and pondering the routes we have been given. I find them tough but achievable, most of the time.

Thanks again and look forward to meeting up at a rally sometime this year hopefully. Kind regards, Ted

Thank you for the challenging exercises and a shame there is only one week to go.

Keep up the good work and keep safe. Best Regards, Keith Woolhouse

Thanks for another great week.  Last week next week – how quickly this last four weeks (and the 6 before) have gone!  I’m sure it is because you are giving us something interesting to do! Best wishes, Maryon

Hello to all and Bonjour, Hoping the right answer is GOLDEN ROAMER CHAMPIONSHIP for week C. Also let me take this time to say thank you for a brilliant idea and to say sorry for missing the earlier ones, being in France since moving over from Kent I have not used the English system for a while  albeit some regularities crossover so was good to re-use and re-light my interest, so may come over when all this calms down. Thanks again, rgds, Rob

Best week yet - and that's saying something! Thanks, Cheers, Paul

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