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The January Lockdown Table Top

From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Congratulations to all of the crews that took part and completed The January Lockdown Table Top 2021

The winners of each week were chosen by a random number generator

Week 1 - 1st Eric Schwab, 2nd John. Boot, 3rd Adrian Hobbs

Week 2 - 1st Mark Lillington, 2nd Terry Ward, 3rd David Bamber

Week 3 - 1st Keith Woolhouse, 2nd Ernest Jackson, 3rd Matthew Polk

Overall Championship Winners - 1st Kevin Bax, 2nd Philip Carpenter, 3rd Steve Robertson


Proceeds from this event will be donated to Hospitality Action

Rally Report

Game originators the Whyte sisters considering all new format VTTRC to tantalise player

Three emerge victorious from ‘Bonus’ Challenge round

There were plenty of difficult clues and navigational hazards to negotiate, including some tough  herringbone brain teasers to work out but as Seren Whyte pointed out, the winners were on top of their respective games; Seren, “Without the challenges of plotting in a moving car or under a time restraint we had to make the instructions a little more interesting, but with the calibre of some of the entrants, they were equal to the tasks. It might even give competitors a head start with plotting for future rallies.”

Of the difficult plotting required over the course of the third edition of the HERO-ERA Virtual Table top Rally Championship, Elise Whyte described the challenges she most enjoyed creating.

“It was great to see both top competitors and complete novices tackling the challenges we put together, either learning new skills or keeping current skills on point. With the winners chosen by random number generator, we also got to see both, side by side on the podium. Hopefully we have inspired them all to look at entering events later this year.

It has been so much fun creating different routes but I have loved finding the little tricks to catch out the competitors. Especially, ones that have caught me out previously as a competitor myself.

We have really missed the social aspect of the rallies and this has definitely helped to keep the rally community connected. I have never received so many positive emails, even after the challenge of the epic herringbone! It’s made my lockdown! We are also delighted to be able to raise some more money for the charity Hospitality Action from the entry fees, so thank you to everybody who took part.”

As creators and organisers of the popular HERO-ERA Virtual Table Top Rally Championship, Elise and Seren Whyte, are now considering an all new format of the game which could be another different but even more tantalising challenge; Seren; “We continue to receive such great feedback from competitors from all the different series so far that we are considering devising a fourth version. But I can promise that if we do, it will be a very different format, one that will really put navigators on the spot and certainly under the spotlight!”

Both sisters declared that the third series, which had been ramped up to create ‘a sting in the tail,’ had taken the contest to another level. Both experienced and successful in international regularity rallying as navigator and driver respectively, the duo were also delighted by the 300 responses from the 330 participants for this series.

This was the biggest number of responses to the instructions from players in any series so far, which was satisfying but quite overwhelming for the organisers. It has been challenging too, there was even an epic herringbone navigational challenge with an A4 page full of instructions that befuddled many.

This latest contest also provided a variety of contestants as Guy Butler’s daughter proved; Guy; “ It was actually being done by my daughter for her Duke of Edinburgh Award skill - and she was thrilled to have sorted last week’s task which is pretty good for a 14 year old with no experience! It was all great fun and much appreciated.”

It has been another successful Virtual Table Top Rally Championship as the plaudits showed from contestants near and far.

Hi girls, Just a quick note to say how much my husband and I have enjoyed the table top mapping. Thank you so much. We have really looked forward to each morning and getting your instructions and maps. It has given us a great boost and we can’t wait to have a go at a real event after lockdown. Thank you again for all your hard work. Kind regards, Jacqui Hellings

Attn Whyte Sisters, Thank you so very much for huge fun waiting for the Challenge each day – you have put in huge time and effort and your level of detail with accuracy is amazing. As we are in lockdown for another month at least in Ireland – maybe you would do another run at this?? Kind regards, Wolfgang Schnittger

Thank you again Seren and Elise for another highly imaginative and enjoyable 'rally'. Best wishes, Paul & Roma.

Thanks again for putting this together, really enjoyed it. I have organised these myself in the past so I know how much work you must have put in. I now won’t know what to do between 10.00 and 12.00 next week. Regards to you both, Neil

Dear Elise and Seren, Thank you very much for keeping us busy these difficult lockdown months with your wonderful rallies. Looking forward to real rallying hopefully this summer at the Summer Trial and later at the Rally of the tests! kind regards,
Najib Nakad

Fab 3 weeks of plotting.  Really appreciate your time and effort in creating the challenges. Thank you all so much. Regards, Nikki

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