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HERO Challenge Three

A One-Day Rally

Starts In
Start Date
Finish Date
Minimum Licence Required
RS Clubman
Length of Route
Distance Travelled (Miles)
Vehicle Eligibility
Pre 1991
Event Level
Event Level
Exp. No. of Tests
Exp. No. of Regularities
Heritage & Premier Entry Fee
Club Member Entry Fee

[HERO-ERA Training Academy – Green & Blue Events]

HERO Challenge 3 is going to venture into some new territory using some of the best roads in Lincolnshire for the Regularities, an area more challenging than people think!

Main Sponsor

Main Sponsor

Event Schedule

Day 0

Day 0 - Scrutineering & Documentation - 04/10/2024

Scrutineering and Documentation will take place during Friday late afternoon / evening allowing crews time to travel.

Day 1

Day 1 - Lincolnshire - 05/10/2024

Starting from Rally HQ its going to be a day of regularities and tests coupled with coffee and lunch halts before a late afternoon finish with Dinner and prize giving. Hero Challenge 3 is going to venture into some new territory using some of the best roads in Lincolnshire for the Regularities, an area more challenging than people think! We’ve also been hard at work to find some great venues for the tests as well and of course who knows what the British weather can throw at us in early October!

As with all Hero challenges the event will be a mix of straight forward regularities using tulips, jogularities and maps, and some great tests to give drivers and navigators a work out! a great end to the Series and an equally great warm up for the Rally of the Tests.

Vehicle Information

  • Entry is open to cars of a model type available pre-1991
  • The cars will be split into classes, based on age and cc or other criteria established by the organisers

What is included in the Entry Fee?

  • Event participation for one eligible car with a crew of two – Driver & Navigator
  • Detailed Route Book & Time Cards
  • Lunch and Prize Giving Buffet Dinner for each crew member along with refreshments at specific locations advised in the route book
  • Awards presentation
  • One souvenir rally plate
  • Two side number panels
  • Overall awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • Class Awards to third in class – if there are three or more crews per class
  • Special awards at organisers discretion
  • HERO-ERA mechanical assist/sweep team(s) on event, to help keep crews moving
  • An experienced team of HERO-ERA officials & marshals to keep the event moving and on track
  • Results team and Media team keeping your family and friends, following the event, up to date
  • Post event, detailed results book
Arrive & Drive Scheme

Need a car?

The Arrive & Drive scheme allows you to compete should your car be unavailable or, if you are looking to purchase a similar model in the future it gives you the chance to get to know your prospective purchase. We have a wide and varied range of vehicles to suit everyone's taste.

Need a car?
07 October 2023

HERO Challenge Three Event Highlights Video

Watch the HERO Challenge Three Event Highlights here

HERO Challenge Three Event Highlights Video

Entry List

Adam Davis (MY)Graeme Presswell (GB)1968MG B1866
Alex Menhinick (GB)Alan Collett (GB)1987Porsche 944S2500
Ali Procter (GB)Lynsey Procter (GB)1987Peugeot 205 GTI1600
Andrew Leslie (GB)Dean Johnson (GB)1969Lotus Elan +21558
Andy Hvass (GB)Maxine Hvass1972MG MGB Roadster1798
Angus Dent (GB)Sally Ahlers1968Aston Martin DB63996
Antony Ross (GB)Harriet Ross (GB)1969Alfa Romeo 1750 Spyder1788
Brian Rivett (GB)Ian Canavan (GB)TBCTBCTBC
Chris Lacey (GB)Geoff Lloyd (GB)1967MG B GT1850
Chris Welch (GB)Norman Garland (GB)1985VW Golf GTI Mk 21781
Christian Brash (GB)Dan Elphick (GB)1970MG B1798
Christopher Day (GB)Claire Day (GB)1968Morris Mini Cooper S1310
Christopher Wilks (GB)Davis Creech (GB)1963Volvo Amazon1800
Colin Jebson (GB)John Barber (GB)1966Volvo Amazon 122S1780
Dan Willan (GB)Danielle Pool (GB)1962Volvo PV5441800
Darell Staniforth (GB)Rick Ekin (GB)1967Morris Cooper S1293
David Bundy (GB)Debbie Bundy (GB)1972Triumph 2.5 Mk 2 PI2500
David Liddell (GB)Edward Liddell (GB)1963Triumph TR42168
Dick Baines (GB)Harry Baines (GB)1965Austin Mini Cooper S1275
Douglas Fuller (GB)Joseph Somerville (GB)1989Peugeot 205 GTI1905
Ed Linton (GB)TBC1967Hillman Imp998
Francesco di ValmaranaBeatrice Valmarana (IT)1975Lancia Fulvia Montecarlo1295
George Haxby (GB)Mike Rands (GB)1971Ford Escort Mexico1598
Graham Richardson (UY)1974Ford Mk 1 Escort1600cc
Ian Ramsay (GB)
James Holt (GB)Alistair Leckie (GB)1989BMW 325i2495
James Thomas (GB)Roland Thomas (GB)1977British Leyland Mini 1275 GT1293
Jeff Hooley (GB)Ian Hooley (GB)TBCTBCTBC
John Fort (GB)Howard Atkins (GB)TBCTBCTBC
John Lomas (GB)Natasha Lomas (GB)1936Riley Sprite1500
Jon Harvey (GB)Steven Brown (GB)1985Volkswagen Golf GTI1781
Ken Binstead (GB)Sarah Binstead (GB)TBCTBCTBC
Ken Dobbs (GB)John Clarke (GB)1965MG B Sports1950
Lee Clarke (GB)Cathie Clarke (GB)1962Triumph TR42188
Mark Lillington (GB)Mark Bramall (GB)1965MG B1798
Martin Jelley (GB)Nigel Fraser (GB)1968Volvo 123GT Amazon1779
Michael Moss (GB)James Ewing (GB)1985Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk21800
Mike Bayliss (GB)Andrew Bayliss (GB)1966Ford Anglia1500
Mike Dixon (GB)Liz Dixon (GB)1973MG BGT1800
Mike Procter (GB)Robert Procter (GB)1973Morris Mini1330
Nigel Grice (GB)Simon Williams (GB)1956Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk ll2922
Nigel Woof (GB)Sally Woof (GB)TBCTBCTBC
Paul Steddy (GB)1967Ford Mustang4736
Paul Wells (GB)Phil Wells (GB)1967MG B Roadster1950
Pete Dalton (GB)Michael Smith (GB)1970Ford Lotus Cortina MKII1598
Phil Walker (GB)Jackie Walker (GB)1980MG B GT1798
Richard De Watts (GB)Arati De Watts (IN)1973MG B1798
Richard Worts (GB)Nicola Shackleton (GB)1967MG MGC GT2998
Rob Robinson (GB)Peter Mellor (GB)1983Audi Coupe2199
Rob Smith (GB)Daniel Batchelor1971Volvo P1800E1998
Roger Bricknell (GB)Phil Cottam (GB)1964Triumph TR42138
Stephen Chick (GB)Alex Chick (GB)1979Datsun 260Z2600
Steve Allen (GB)Richard Goodman (GB)1968Volvo Amazon 122S1800
Steve Farmer (GB)Philip McNeelance (GB)1967Volvo Amazon 123GT1800
Steve O'Connell
Steve Young (GB)Deborah Young (GB)1972Datsun 240Z2753
Tim Birkin (GB)Ruth Birkin (GB)1966Triumph TR4A2200
Toby Sleeman (GB)Alison Sleeman (GB)1971Lancia Fulvia 1600HF1584
Tom Ebdon (GB)Andy Ebdon (GB)TBCTBCTBC

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