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Pearl of India 2025

Discover this Ancient and Intriguing Land, in Style!

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This India, or the Republic of India to give it its official title, is a land that conjures up a wealth of romantic and mystical images. The seventh largest country in the world offers much to the explorer who ventures to delve beneath its spiritual shroud, to unpick the magic and discover the real essence of a nation that is many things to many people. Come and join HERO-ERA as we embark upon 20 days of wonderful rallying around this must-see land, encountering everything that India has to offer and leaving with your own pearls; unforgettable memories of this ancient and intriguing land.

Starting in Mumbai, the fabulous Taj Mahal Palace hotel will see us on our way; a venue that is well versed in hosting royalty and celebrities and which overlooks the Gateway to India, an appropriate location for a path that will see us progress through many beautiful parts of this country, before finishing back in Mumbai. Along the way the rally will take in the ancient holy city of Nashik, with its mountain-top village of ancient caves, the lavish luxuries of Udaipur and the contrasting pink buildings of the city of Jaipur. We will experience the hustle and bustle of India’s populace , particularly in cities such as Agra, but at the same time enjoy its tranquillity as the same heaving streets give way to its many magnificent architectural icons, such as the Taj Mahal . As infamous as India is for its dense population, it manages to strike a balance with serene and calming rural spaces, as one would expect for a nation enveloped in spirituality. Our route will encounter just such serenity at places like Khajuraho and the Bandhavgarh national park, where one can observe ancient temples and monuments, as well as the magnificent Tigers that are now protected as fiercely as India’s man-made wonders.

Many hours have been put in by our route planners to ensure that the rally will encounter a wealth of the cultural, spiritual, natural and gastronomic delights that this wonderful country has to offer, whilst of course driving on some of the most remarkable, and least well known roads that traverse this mythical country while safe in the knowledge that the entire HERO-ERA team will provide the mechanical, medical and logistical support for which the organisation is renowned. Join us on this enigmatic and possibly life changing adventure; rally with us to discover your own Pearls of India!

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The Route

Event Schedule

Day 1

Mumbai to Nashik | 16 February 2025

Mumbai isone of the worlds “mega-cities”, that is one of a population greater than 10 million; only Delhi boasts a larger number of inhabitants.

Departing from what is known as the Gateway to India on the west coast, the adventure will begin with a journey inland and north to the ancient and holy city of Nashik, getting the first experience of India’s varied and beautiful rural landscape along the way.

Gateway Hotel Ambad
Gateway Hotel Ambad
Day 2

Nashik to Vadodara | 17 February 2025

Having climbed to 2000 feet above sea level the previous day, the second day of exploration will continue to head north and descend back down to somewhere closer to sea level once that evenings rest stop at Vadodara is reached.

The day will begin in the shadow of the vineyards of India’s wine capital, which may be one of the first secrets offered up by this land, and end on the banks of the Vishwa Mitri river.

Day 3

Vadodara to Udaipur | 18 February 2025

A day that will see the route traverse across the fertile plains that lie to the south of the Mahi river. Water will form a theme of the day, as the destination for the evening, and the place of our first rest day is Udaipur, known as the city of lakes.

The route to this magical city will likely pass by many of the temples that occupy the area, as well as many waterways.

The Raffles Hotel, Udaipur
The Raffles Hotel, Udaipur
Day 4

Udaipur Rest Day | 19 February 2025

The City of the Lakes offers much to the explorer, with a rich tapestry of history just waiting to be uncovered. The ancient capital of the kingdom of Mewar, the timeline of the city can be charted back to ancient times, or more recent colonial rule by the British, to its modern time of independence.

It is also culturally rich, with galleries, gardens, fairs and festivals and has been described as the most romantic city in India.

Udaipur, City of Lakes
Udaipur, City of Lakes
Day 5

Udaipur to Barmer | 20 February 2025

We head into the Thar desert, but not before conquering the heights of the luscious Aravalli mountain range and the expanse of the Thar Desert.

The route will take the rally to its most westerly point to the municipal city of Barmer in the Rajasthan state, it is the closest we get to the Pakistani border and we will pass close to the 12th century Kiradu temples before arriving in the Sanchal Fort nestled in the sand dunes for our overnight halt

Day 6

Barmer to Jodhpur | 21 February 2025

The golden light of the morning sees us head back into the Thar Desert and signal a change of direction as the route heads east.

The route will continue the previous days theme of adventurous driving roads, through the dunes and arid landscape in an area that sometimes only receives 4 inches of rainfall a year but, in spite of this, is home to many different species of wildlife including the much revered Thari Cow.

Mehrangarh Fort & Jaswant Thada, Jodhpur
Mehrangarh Fort & Jaswant Thada, Jodhpur
Day 7

Jodhpur to Jaipur | 22 February 2025

Leaving Jodhpur, we will cross the Luni river and begin our escape from the desert. The increasing population sees a direct correlation with an increase of roads, and our route planners have been hard at work devising a route that takes in both the best scenery and sights, as well as the best driving roads of the region. After driving all day, we will end up in Jaipur, known as the Pink City thanks to the dominant colour of most of its architecture.

Day 8

Jaipur Rest Day | 23 February 2025

After ‘Riding into Jaipur’ the previous evening a rest day will allow everyone to enjoy the city, which, as the Paul McCartney song tells us, is a delight.

A UNESCO World Heritage city, it contains numerous individual UNESCO sites, including the Amber Fort and Jantar Mantar. The city is famed for culture and cuisine, occupied by many artisans, but anyone in need of a bit of retail therapy, after a week on the road, can visit the World Trade Park, which is worth a visit for its dramatic modern architecture alone, even for those who are not really into shopping.

Entrance gate of the Amber Fort, Jaipur
Entrance gate of the Amber Fort, Jaipur
Day 9

Jaipur to Agra | 24 February 2025

Time waits for no man, especially rally time, and after a day’s R+R clocks must be reset as our caravan of motorised explorers continues the journey east. Indeed, with such a plethora of culture, history and landscapes on show we could all be forgiven for forgetting that this is indeed about the driving, but with a carefully curated route through the state of Uttar Pradesh, thoughts will again be firmly fixed on the wheel. The last stop of the day is in the city of Agra, most famous as being the site of the Taj Mahal; the most recognisable Indian Icon of all.

The Taj Mahal, Agra
The Taj Mahal, Agra
Day 10

Agra to Khajuraho | 25 February 2025

Leaving the incredible pearl white mausoleum of the Taj Mahal behind, the rally travels through further incredible scenery as it climbs up to finish the day in the town of Khajuraho.

Less populated than Agra and Jaipur, but no less significant as it is home to an incredible collection of Hindu monuments, famous for the ever so slightly erotic sculptures that adorn them – well, this is the land of the Kama Sutra!

The Oberoi Amarvilas Hotel, Agra
The Oberoi Amarvilas Hotel, Agra
Day 11

Khajuraho to Bandhavgarh | 26 February 2025

Heading south now, away from civilisation the rally will cross several national and wildlife parks travelling through incredible forests. If the theme from previous days was one of India’s architectural wonders, day 11 will enter the domain of one of its natural wonders, namely the Tiger.

Once viciously and unscrupulously hunted, this noble animal is now protected, and the Bandhavgarh Reserve has one of the densest populations of tigers in India, not to mention leopards and deer.

Day 12

Bandhavgarh to Kanha | 27 February 2025

The national parks and reserves are again the theme of the adventure for day 12, providing awe-inspiring driving as we travel as guests through the home of the Tiger. Indeed, the Kanha reserve is the very same forest that provided the setting for Rudyard Kipling’s, The Jungle Book.

Shere Khan and his subjects will likely be hiding, but it is awe-inspiring and somewhat humbling to be sharing their kingdom and enjoying a landscape that has ultimately inspired so many generations.

Day 13

Kanha to Nagpur | 28 February 2025

The route continues to head south from the wilds of Kanha and whilst there is still parkland to be negotiated, the trees and hills will eventually give way to metropolis once more as the day’s route concludes in Nagpur, one of the worlds fastest growing cities and according to a recent survey one of the best cities in India to live in.

Famous for its oranges, the city sits right in the centre of the Indian Peninsula, the epicentre of our adventure.

Day 14

Nagpur to Hyderabad | 01 March 2025

Two weeks into the trip the journey will head back into the south of the country, with the promise of a rest day on the horizon.

There is a lot of rallying to be done before retiring for the evening though, with a good stint that will take us to the city of Hyderabad and the most southerly point of the trip so far.

Taj Falaknuma Palace Hotel, Hyderabad
Taj Falaknuma Palace Hotel, Hyderabad
Day 15

Hyderabad Rest Day | 02 March 2025

A large city on the banks of the Musi River, Hyderabad sits high on hilly terrain, surrounded by artificial lakes that actually predate the founding of the city itself.

As with many Indian cities, Hyderabad has many faces and which side of it one discovers will remain a mystery until it becomes time to leave. It enjoys UNESCO status, but not for its architecture or historical sites, this time it is for its cuisine and so will be of particular interest for the gastronomes.

Charminar Masjid, Hyderabad
Charminar Masjid, Hyderabad
Day 16

Hyderabad to Hampi | 03 March 2025

Rested and well fed, it is time to continue on the last part of the expedition through India. After time spent amongst the busier streets of Hyderabad, the route will see us travel into more rural areas again, crossing the Krishna river and traversing the well-watered landscape that sits between that and the Tungabhadra river.

Hampi itself is a smaller town, and sits adjacent to the Hampi Temples, another UNESCO listed group of monuments that date back to the 14th century and the pilgrimage centre of the Hindu religion.

Day 17

Hampi to Goa | 04 March 2025

After reaching the most southerly point of the trip the previous day, the rally turns westward and onwards through the Ansi National Park and towards the famous coastline of Goa.

If, for some inexplicable reason, the driving for the day doesn’t impress, the final destination adjacent to the golden sands and beautiful waters of the tropical coast will, as the rally is welcomed by the luxurious Taj Resort and all of us can enjoy the sunset out across the Arabian Sea safe in the knowledge that there is one final rest day to enjoy upon the morrow.

Day 18

Goa Rest Day | 05 March 2025

You could leave the sanctuary of the hotel and venture into the Ansi National Park, or you could take full advantage of the tranquil surroundings of the magnificent hotel and spa.

After nearly three weeks of travel, culture, mysticism and history it is probably a fair bet that the beach will be calling.

Beaches in Goa
Beaches in Goa
Day 19

Goa to Mahabaleshwar | 06 March 2025

The penultimate day of travel takes the rally north again, back towards its origin.

Hugging the incredible coastline and dipping into the Chandoli national park and Koyna sanctuary it will likely be another awe-inspiring and breath-taking day at the wheel, devoured with a new enthusiasm after such luxury and relaxation the previous day.

Day 20

Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai | 07 March 2025

The final day of travelling and a last drive through the incredible Indian realm. The route will take in more nature reserves, parkland and varying topography, as well as passing monuments and ancient architecture that will by this point have become a calling card of this adventure.

The day may be slightly shorter, but the driving will be no less stunning, and at the finish there will undoubtedly be time for reflection on a journey that will have been so much more than the sum of its parts.

The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai
The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

*Itinerary subject to change

What is Included in the Entry Fee?

  • One night pre-event accommodation
  • Welcome Dinner in Mumbai
  • On-event accommodation in a twin/double room including breakfast
  • Group evening dining except on two evenings
  • Occasional on-rally lunches
  • Parking arrangements
  • Emergency breakdown assistance
  • Medical support
  • Car preparation and navigation guides
  • Tulip style Route Books and Map Book for the entire route
  • Metal rally plates, competition numbers, decals for the vehicle
  • Identity tags for each participant
  • Finishers awards
  • Trophies for Overall, Category and Class winners
  • Two tickets for the Prize Giving Dinner in Mumbai
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Entry List

Alain Lejeune (FR)Chavy Christian (FR)1969Volvo 1211986
Andrea Cesarini SforzaAndrea Cesarini Sforza
Andy Buchan (GB)Roy Buchan (GB)1928Bentley 4 1/2 Le Mans4398
Elizabe Pierre (FR)Leinweiter Pierre-Marie (CH)1968Volvo 142S1985
James Grayson (GB)Simon Spinks (GB)1969Ford Escort Works Mexico1700
Jorge Perez Companc (AR)Jose Volta (AR)1939Chevrolet Coupe3548
Mark Thieme (NL)Loes Thieme (NL)TBCTBCTBC
Martin Dippie (NZ)Frances Dippie (NZ)1929Bentley 6.5 Litre Speed Six Le Mans Team car7983
Martin Hunt (GB)Olivia Hunt (GB)1927Bentley 4 1/2L Open Tourer4398
Mike Dreelan (GB)Robert Pybus (GB)1936Lagonda LG 45 Touring4453
Nick Brayshaw (GB)Vikki Lang (GB)1970Alfa Romeo 1750GTV1779
Patrick WattsPam Watts
Paul Darrouzet (AU)Peter Harland (GB)1966Ford Mustang4900
Peter Fitzcharles (GB)Debbie Fitzcharles (GB)1963Mercedes 220 seb cabriolet2195 cc
Tommy Dreelan (IE)TBC (IE)1938Chevrolet Fangio Coupe3549
Warren Herrick (AU)Glenda Lawrence (AU)1968Volvo 122s1780

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