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LeJog 2025

An Event Designed For Experts

Starts In
Start Date
Finish Date
Minimum Licence Required
RS Clubman
Length of Route
Distance Travelled (Miles)
Pre Event Training
Briefing Friday 3rd at Land's End
Vehicle Eligibility
Pre 1991
Navigation Type
(printed maps supplied)
Exp. No. of Tests
Exp. No. of Regularities
HERO Cup Coefficient
Premier Member Entry Fee
(until 31 May then £3,821)
Entry Fee
(until 31 May then £4,246)

The hardest endurance rally in Europe, perhaps the world. Taking place in the depths of the British winter, a journey across the British Isles, from tip to top, and a journey into one’s own mind as competitors battle with cold, rain, snow, the dark, reliability and, the biggest enemy, fatigue.

But this rally keeps competitors coming back for me, a special breed, from all over the world, that return year on year to test themselves against everything that LeJog throws at them. It is a special kind of madness, but the emotions experienced as the dawn light pricks tired eyes on the final morning, and the finish line comes into sight after rallying across 1500 miles in 75 hours is unique and often moves people to tears.

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What Is Included In The Entry Fee?

  • Entry to the event for a car and a crew of two
  • A twin or double room inc Breakfast on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th
  • Morning & afternoon coffee breaks on Saturday, Sunday & Monday
  • Lunch on Saturday, Sunday & Monday
  • Evening Meal on Saturday, Sunday & Monday
  • Breakfast /bacon roll on Tuesday Morning
  • Gala Awards Dinner with Champagne reception on Tuesday evening on 6th Dec
  • Rally Door plates
  • Souvenir Rally Plate
  • Plotting quality map book - no need to purchase a separate set of maps
  • Comprehensive Awards, including Special & Class Awards

The event Package does not include accommodation on the Friday or Tuesday nights, Crews are required to book these themselves.
The event runs through Monday night so no accommodation is required.

The Route

Event Schedule

Day 1

Leg One

The usual early start overlooking the rugged Cornish Coastline sees crews straight into the opening test around Land’s End.

The first cars tackle the cliff route in the dark before making their way to the first Regularity, they shouldn’t worry however as everyone will get a close up look at more cliffs later in the morning! The route takes crews to a new coffee and test venue which will excite the crews. Then it’s through some of the lesser used back roads of Cornwall and mid Devon with a lunch stop enroute. Fully fuelled we continue to head north with a range of test and regularities in the Devon Somerset borders. Then we hop onto the M5 before crossing into Wales where the Leg concludes close to Abergavenny.

Day 1

Leg Two

Leg 2 sees crews heading west and deeper into Wales before climbing over the Brecon Beacons and with our overnight in Telford, should allow us to venture further west to take in some classic roads with a series of challenging regularities and tests.

The action intensifies with the now traditional sting in the tail Time Control section that will keep both crew members on their toes before the final relaxed run to Telford.

Day 2

Leg Three

Fully refreshed after a well-earned break, the route sees crews head across the north midlands and Derbyshire, before winding their way through the M62 corridor and heading into the Le jog of Cumbria and the Scottish Border. With a good selection of tests and regularities to test crews even further before arriving for the overnight halt in Gretna Green.

Day 3

Leg Four

The pressure is maintained with a prompt start that leads into a series of tests, route checks and regularities taking us from Gretna Green into Scotland for a lunch north of Glasgow. The day is only half done at this stage and we push further north and on to the more remote roads that the area has to offer for another test and five more regularities before a rest halt at Fort William. Crews that competed in 2021 will know how the weather can change in this area and appreciate the unique challenges of competing on LeJog.

Day 4

Leg Five

Hopefully in 2022, the restart sees crews heading into a ‘Loch Ness Monster’ regularity which will require maximum concentration if medals are to be retained. Battle will continue as the route heads further north through the final sections before proceedings reach a conclusion, accompanied by the strains of the piper, at the finish line in John O’Groats.

Vehicle Information

  • Only cars built pre-1991 or a model available pre-1991 are eligible to enter
  • The cars will be split into classes based on age and CC
  • The scoring on the Test sections is class-based so you will be scoring against other similar aged vehicles
  • There are no overall positions, crews compete for Gold, Sliver and Bronze Medals and Class Positions
  • Vehicle eligibility is defined in the HERO Standard Regulations
The unmissable Le Jog

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The hardest endurance rally in Europe, perhaps the world. Taking place in the depths of the British winter, a journey across the British Isles, from tip to top, and a journey into one’s own mind as competitors battle with cold, rain, snow, the dark, reliability and, the biggest enemy, fatigue.

Check out the highlights from Le Jog 2021
Arrive & Drive Scheme

Need a car?

The Arrive & Drive scheme allows you to compete should your car be unavailable or, if you are looking to purchase a similar model in the future it gives you the chance to get to know your prospective purchase. We have a wide and varied range of vehicles to suit everyone's taste.

Need a car?

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