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How to go Historic Rallying | Driving - Regularities & Tests

How to go Historic Rallying | Driving - Regularities & Tests

This is a bit of a hot potato! Drivers are the one who, inevitably, get all the glory of winning an event or class, they have battled heroically on through adversity and skilfully guided their vehicle to a penalty free regularity score and have won the test pilot award on the driving tests.

However, there is no ‘I’ in team as the saying goes and the crew is only as good as driver, navigator and car combined.

These events are split into three different types of sections

Each of these are explained below:

Transport Sections

These are non-competitive sections of the route, which are designed to take you from one competitive section, or refreshment halt, to another.

These are timed in a relaxed manner, along scenic routes where possible, to allow you to enjoy the drive. Just make sure you keep paying attention to the route book as you enjoy the views!

Regularity Sections

These are competitive sections of the route, where you are required to maintain set average speeds for a given distance. These may vary during the section and all of the information will be provided by the organisers.

Marshals will be situated at one or more undisclosed location(s) within the section. You will be penalised based on how accurately you kept to the average speeds required.

Special Tests

These are short competitive sections held on private land, such as race tracks and airfields, and are driven as quickly as possible. The route is defined by a ‘Test Diagram’, which usually include a series of cones or manoeuvres competitors must complete correctly.

Marshals time the tests. You will be penalised based in a class-based scoring system, so you compete against cars of a similar type and era.

Types of Navigation

Depending on the type of event you enter you will encounter different navigation types. At HERO-ERA we run a colour coding system, similar so a ski run system, linked to the difficulty of the rally. Green for the nursery slopes and entry level events through to black for the really demanding events that challenge the experts. More on this can be found on: Event Levels & Colour Coding

'Types of Navigation for Introductory & Intermediate Events' - PDF

'Types of Navigation for Advanced & Expert Events' - PDF

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